The EBMR Marshalls

Marshalling the group rides


Hi I’m Chris,

I joined EBMR in 2019 after realising a long-lived dream of passing my bike test and getting my hands
on my Honda CBR (lovingly named by my partner “Rhonda the Honda”).

I really wanted get experience and meet like minded people and EBMR has not disappointed. The community spirit is amazing, and I have been keen to get more involved since I first joined the

I started on 4 wheels racing karts for fun and although useless with mechanics, I have always loved motorbikes and find them fascinating. I am no speed freak these days, I just enjoy the ride.

My signature (coughs “accidental”) move is the Fusilli shuffle (thanks Stuart), this is when I brake hard, lock the back wheel and send the back sliding around everywhere. The key is staying upright, it’s never on purpose and I wouldn’t recommend it!

I look forward to seeing you on the rideouts and if your not sure if its for you, just come along and find out, you won’t regret it .


(Piggy, Pig Sweat)

Previous Bike: KMX125, DTR 125, NSR 125, RXS 100, RZ/RD 250, FZR 250, FZR 400 exup, CBR 400, XT 600 Tenere, SV650, TRX 850

Current Bike: Honda VTR Firestorm 1000


Hi, I am Stuart known as Pig Sweat or Piggy (if you want to know why you’ll have to ask).

I have been riding bikes in some form since I was around six years old, but I’ve been on the road for 22 years. I love bikes whether its fixing them, watching them race or simply getting out for a ride.

I am a happy boy, I enjoy maintaining bikes and will always try and fix it myself. I’m happy helping with other people’s bikes (as long as they aren’t knob heads).

I joined EBMR in summer 2019 as it was recommended to me by a mate who had just passed his test. My first thoughts were, why did I not know about this group sooner! I have been part of other groups and clubs but they always got on my nerves as they were too cliquey about either what bike you had or full of wannabe racers.

EBMR is full of the normal people with the same interests in motorcycles. Everyone has been so cool and chilled out except Chris (the Fusilli shuffle), he’s just weird.