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Running the group


Founding member (God)

I set up EBMR in 2016, just as a way of finding rides, meeting people and to gain more experience after passing my full bike test. I met some good people and started riding in pairs and small groups.

This continued until the Xmas toy run in 2018. Previously organised by the SERV Sussex blood bikers, they did not partake this year so after a chat I organised one. Given that I had previous experience with Gifts4kids and some connections. It’s was a great success and even though it was freezing cold and even had sleet/snow, the turnout was great. We delivered an unbelievable amount or presents to Eastbourne and Hastings hospital children’s wards and raised over £300 for East Sussex Foster Care Association.

Eastbourne Motorcycle Rideout’s took off and went rapidly from around 100 members to over 400 in 5 months and is now approaching 800 members! We also organised the Easter egg run in March 2019 attracting over 80 bikes and delivering hundreds of eggs to the same to hospitals and have continued to organise and host both of these runs every year with our last Christmas run being the best yet.

It was early 2019 that the EBMR family was born. With the addition of several new members that just clicked straight away. Within weeks there was a solid team, new admin and new enthusiasm. The group came alive, grew and is what it is today. All of us share the same ethos, meet, ride and have fun whilst also having a desire to help others. We soon began looking for other people to help. Chestnut Tree House and East Sussex Foster Care Association both have connections with our team so it was an easy decision.

It has been an incredible journey and looks set to carry on growing and evolving with ever increasing support. EBMR are here for everyone to enjoy and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our rides, events or even the family. With rides, merchandise and support we love what we do and look forward to you joining us for our next adventure.



Previous Bike: YBR 125 

Current Bikes: Triumph Street Triple, Triumph Daytona (it’s mine really), and a Kawasaki GPZ 500 in bits in my garden 

I joined EBMR a couple years ago because I was a lone rider and wanted to meet others as twisted as myself and see what group riding was all about. I love riding in a group, there is no other feeling like it. Never in a million years did I think I would find amazing and like minded people that are now like my family.

I’m the red headed tattooed Yankee with the terrible potty mouth, that basically curses more times than storm troopers miss a shot in Star Wars. When I’m not breaking things, I’m taking pictures of potholes that everyone loves. My other half is Mono Col who i also met through the group. I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

I also help write for Moto Gusto magazine.

Come say hi to me on a rideout. I’m really friendly and approachable, and very very loud.


(Emtee Ten)

Previous Bikes: Suzuki SV650S, Honda CBR600RR
Current Bike: Yamaha MT10
Hi, i’m Rich, or Emtee Ten on Facebook and I joined EBMR to find like minded people to ride with. I’ve always been a car person but recently got into bikes and wish I’d got into it at a younger age and also wish I joined EBMR earlier too. The group is amazing, someone’s always willing to help out if needed.


I usually host some rides as and when I can after work, mainly a 125/Nervous Ride for those who have just passed. I’m happy to ride with anyone if they need some confidence or just want to build their miles up.


(Milky, Duchess)

Wassup gang, my names Phil most call me Milky, or recently Duchess?!

Any who been a part of the family since passing my test May 2019 bc (Before Corona) and never looked back…

I’m happiest carving corners with good mates on the way to a decent pub or cafe for a chinwag and usually do spirited rides throughout the summer. I also help Emtee wrangle the nervous midweek riders….

Come along and say hey always good to meet new folk! Toodles!!



I am Mono (Matt)
Mono not for the American STI but because of my monotone style.
I am Manny’s much better half. I currently ride a Triumph Daytona called Baetona and own a few other bikes as well, including Manny’s Street Triple and a Kwak GPZ project, which will be completed around 2050.
I am interested in anything petrol related, so cars are also my thing alongside board sports such as snowboarding. I am also into fitness and photography but tend to avoid the potholes for my photos.
I tend to pop along for the rides when I can, work and childcare allowing.
I haven’t been a biker too long mostly because I thought I wouldn’t be sensible enough to not kill myself prior to my 30’s so kept it on the backburner. Now I am older, wiser and probably more of a liability.
Also I love Rich (Emtee Ten).

Hey I’m Dom, one of the core team members at EBMR.

I work in marketing communications and write for Moto Gusto magazine.

I’m handy with a spanner and know a little bit about mechanics so feel free to ask me anything if you need to and I’ll do my best to help


Current Bike: Yamaha MT10

Family and good friends call me Mart.

Im a long time biker and old school in many ways. I have a very positive attitude and like to feel useful.

I have many skills and will normally try to help anyone if i can and I love being part of the team.



Previous Bike: Hyosung GT125

Current Bike: Kawasaki ZX6r

Hi I’m Ashley, I joined EBMR in June last year. Before my first rideout I was very nervous, but as soon as I met everyone, it felt like I had known them for years. They are like my family, we have our laughs and it’s the best thing I have ever done.

They have given me confidence to go on and pass my full motorcycle test. I now ride a kawasaki Ninja ZX6r and part of the admin team of EBMR.

Please feel free to message any of us even if you think a question mabe stupid we will give you the best advice we can


(Damo, Atom, #Haveyoutriedshoutingatit)

Current Bikes: Honda CBR F2 1994 Streetfighter, Honda CBR 900RR 1997 RRV Fireblade. I have several project bikes as well.

Previous Bikes: To many too remember!!

Dream Bike: Harley Davidson Custom Fatboy (Bobber)


Hi, I am Damion, most call me Damo in the group, I have been with EBMR since early 2019. I joined EBMR and felt as though I joined a brotherhood. Everyone looks out for one another and we all share the same interest for motorcycles what ever form they come in. I like my streetfighters and choppers (Chrome over plastic).

I’m an IT Network Technician / Web Designer by trade. I spend my spare time building websites, modifying bikes and blasting out some heavy metal.

My personal website is